The New Cost of Web Hosting

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In the Beginning on 20th century no one could think that people can get information from all over the world in few seconds, development of technology in decades completely changed the people life. The first service of viewing the web was World Wide Web which had renamed later to Nexus.

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“The World Wide Web (WWW) project aims to allow all links to be made to any information anywhere. … The WWW project was started to allow high energy physicists to share data, news, and documentation. We are very interested in spreading the web to other areas, and having gateway servers for other data. Collaborators welcome!” —from Tim Berners-Lee’s first message.

The invention of World Wide Web by Tim Berbers- Lee opened the world of Information. Many new developments and fast successful changes build up the IT after 1990, later other browsers like Midas, Erwise, Viola graphical browsers were developed and within few years thousands of web servers were online and millions of computers connected to internet to help in education, scientific researches, corporate Sectors, but it was not enough.

Information explosions were still waiting, appearing bookstore, hotmail web based email were engaging users with the internet, Google search engine changing the scenario of world of knowledge, commercial competition had started and browser war took place in between two major players Microsoft and Netscape. Netscape announced that its browser will be free for users.

Starting of 21st century the dot-com market rose up then collapsed, many companies survive and search additional source of revenue, and they became highly profitable and opened the gate for online retailing business, Online Entertainment, News Outlets, Content distribution, advertisement revenue and many more. Many web sites like Yahoo!, eBay were hit by a large-scale denial of service attack which exposed break-ability of the Internet, later it developed huge market of Internet security.

Millions of domains are registered and billions of websites are hosted every year, Tens of thousands of companies in the world of Web Site Hosting exist across the globe that provide all sorts of features over a wide range of prices, how does one choose the right web hosting company for their need ? Now it’s become common for web service provider companies to give affordable services in cheap price with list of features and also covered security issues, many service providers are offering Web Shop e-commerce web site hosting, e-mail hosting, e-marketing with reliable domain name registration and web hosting services and adding new features of Communication Platform, Advertisements for their customers. They have various plans and schemes for the customer pick over the selection included individual users, families, small home office, Small Business Companies and large corporations.

Users have choices for web hosting, if user have no Idea and not familiar with webs hosting, companies are providing charts for helping to select plan and features in budget.

Some Important points to look for when choosing Web Hosting Company :

  1. Price : If your pocket is ready to pay then options are endless. If you focus to find reliable and affordable which the most of people look then jumping on the cheapest is not good idea but Comparison of prices will helpful, first check details of features and then compare prices.
  2. Scheme / Discount Coupon : Check out Scheme and Plans and discount offers which can give you more in less money.
  3. Repute : Most of the Web Hosting companies offers many but give little, Check out old customers review in comments , forums, social network sites, some of reviews are very clear about company Quality, strengths and weakness. You can also search in Google. Also look service after sales and customer support details like Emails, Phone Numbers, skype ID.
  4. C- Panel : C-Panel is Control Panel from it user can add, modify, update themselves their own website easily even if you have not techie. No need to call your hosting company for small changes.
  5. Email : Hosting companies offers free and paid email accounts with domains and web space, which gives unique and private email ID’s with your own name and your domain name, Check out your provider’s have spam solutions.
  6. Technical Setup : Websites which have rich contents and Audio / Video file with download facility need Branded Machines with Latest hardware features and good RAM and Processor speed. Cheap hosting plan possibly won’t have all these, Server Operating System are Linux and Windows commonly used and linux is cheaper. If the hosting company is silent about server’s specifications, just ask them because machine hardware plays important role in performance of your site.
Hosting Review
Server Location/ Price
Visit Site
Burlington, MA, US
Price : $1.99 /month
Dallas, TX, USA
Price : $4.00 /month
Price : $1.99 /month
Santa Monica, California, US
Price @ $3.96 /mo.
Orem, UT, US
Price : $4.95 /month
Scottsdale, AZ, US
Price : $2.99 /month
Santa Monica, CA, US
Price : $5.99 /month
Chicago, IL
Price : $2.95 /month

How to Use Instagram To Boost Your Hosting Sales

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Instagram Instagram is more than just a place for professional photographers to strut their stuff or teenagers to post endless selfies. It’s also a great way to show a different side of your brand for marketing purposes!

Have you considered Instagram as part of your social media marketing strategy? You should. When done right, it is an effective way to get users to check out your cheap hosting website. How can you put this popular photo sharing app to work for your business?

Before You Get Started

Start out by determining the image you want your company to portray online. When you have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish, you should peruse the pages of other brands to see what they are doing. Some great brands to check out: Free People; Starbucks; Persnickity Prints; Nordstrom; and Benefit Cosmetics.

Set Up Your User Account

You’re going to want to integrate your social media sites (Instagram allows the sharing of your post on the big social media sites), so be sure you choose a username that is the same as your other accounts. Don’t go confusing your followers!

Follow Back, And Pay Attention

When a user follows you on Instagram, go ahead and follow them back! This will populate your feed with pictures from fans, giving you insight into their likes and habits, helping you better choose the direction of future posts.

It’s All About The Content

Instagram 1Now it’s time to discuss posting. Again, you just want to make sure the images you’re posting are connecting with customers, and that they represent the image you have in mind for your brand. You do NOT want to post images of the things you sell. If they wanted to see what you sold, they’d head to your cheap hosting website. Brands that succeed on Instagram post anything but what they sell.

What are some great things to post?

Behind The Scenes

Show workers in the warehouse hard at work fulfilling customer orders, or run a spotlight series showcasing a new employee with each post. People love to see the people behind the brand! For instance, Persnickity Prints often posts pictures from behind the scenes, often of new orders they are getting ready to ship out, or documenting company outings and parties.

Spotlight On Your Followers

You can advertise a campaign where customers submit pictures of themselves using your product, whether by email, Facebook, or Instagram hashtag that you specify, and you’ll choose one each day to post on your Instagram. And you don’t even need to do a spotlight series. Just choose a hashtag which will organize all user photos into one convenient location, and everyone feels special.

Sneak Peeks

Take a cue from Burberry, posting images from the catwalk and behind the scenes, giving fans a sneak peek of upcoming fashion lines. Again, while you don’t want to push products you currently sell, sneak peeks are a great way to keep users tuned in. They’ll love knowing that they are the first to see something that hasn’t even been released yet, and will be even more excited to go out and purchase it the day it is released.

Do you use Instagram? How is it working for you?

Tiered Hosting: Why You Should Avoid It

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Tiered-HostingThe problem with most cheap hosting companies is a huge gap when it comes to customer support. Cheap companies are only “cheap” as long as you are going the free route. But, these companies tend to offer higher-priced packages too. In turn, packages that cost more come with more support, while free hosting packages often have no support.

The Tiered Hosting Issue

The concept of tiered hosting is easy to grasp. Think of a pyramid, and place free hosting packages at the top. Those are the smallest packages offered by cheap hosts, and those packages don’t come with anything extra. Now, place expensive hosting packages at the bottom of the pyramid – look at all that space!

That space is filled with customer support options, features, and plenty of other goodies. So, what’s the issue? If you want a free hosting package, you won’t get any support (in most cases). Or, you may get some support, but trying to contact a customer rep or a technician can be difficult and costly.

The Expenses Add Up

If extra support is optional, you can expect to pay for it. In most cases, cheap hosting sites offer paid support to clients that purchase a free hosting plan. This support pricing can range from a $50 fee to more than $100 depending on the host. But, that’s not the worst part.

The bigger problem is that it’s difficult to actually find contact information or support details when you’re a free hosting package customer! Really! Have you ever looked for that 1-800 number on a free hosting site? Did you find it? I’m guessing that you couldn’t and didn’t. This is beyond frustrating when you need help! What can you do?

How to Contact that Company

You can usually find contact information in the small print sections of a website. You will have to read through the site to find these details, but they do exist in most cases. No numbers at all? Try sending the company an email. Or, look at your original hosting agreement – any phone number will do for now.

As soon as you find an email address of phone number, give it a shot. Even if you can’t find the right person, you can always ask to be connected to someone that can help you out. It is really frustrating to be on the top of that tiered hosting problem, so we recommend not going for a tiered option.

Instead, look for a free hosting company that offers included technical support – they do exist!

Making Website Building Child’s Play

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Kids do so much more online these days than research for homework or tests at school. They’re heading to chat rooms, visiting the sites of their favorite television networks and shows, and using social media sites.

Some more ambitious children will become interested in building their own website. If this is your child, I’m sure you’re concerned. Is this a good idea in terms of safety? Since children’s interests change with the wind, is there a good, free hosting option? It would be unwise to lock yourself into a cheap hosting contract and then have them lose interest! At the same time, you don’t want a free hosting provider that advertises adult sites in the sidebar, as is the case with some of them.

Here are some great free hosting options for kids, where they can learn hands-on website design and share their passions safely (and for free!)

Family Crossings

fcrossingsThis cheap hosting provider offers a place to host a website all about your family, and is perfect for the very young designer. Give your child the task of building the site and keeping it up-to-date, even if they’re only 9 years old. That site is always completely private. It’s like your family’s own personal social networking site!

You are given a username and password to hand out to loved ones, and only those with that information can view the site. Your child’s site will never appear in the search engine. Not even tech support can access your site without the username and password!

With all that this site offers, your child will be busy for some time. Upload photos of your last family vacation, and post a family newsletter keeping everyone informed about what everyone in your household is up to (recitals, sports, reunions, etc.) There’s an area to post your favorite recipes for the whole family to enjoy, as well as unconventional remedies that might be known only to your family. Keep track of wish lists, addresses and phone numbers, and conduct chats with other family members, too.

While they do offer paid memberships, there is a free plan available so you aren’t committed to something that doesn’t work for your family.


planet koduBudding game designer in your family? Check out Planet Kodu. Designed by ideasLAB, it relies on Kodu Game Lab for PC which is a programming language just for kids, created by Microsoft.

Ease your way into the process of developing a game through programming with tutorials and challenges, and check out the sample games. It helps kids realize the problem solving that is required when programming, which leads to the added benefit of boosting grades in school!

The Planet Kodu site hosts many challenges and competitions aimed at getting kids excited about creating games, and with the excitement that generates, it could lead to web design or other forms of programming down the road.


wixIs your child not quite ready to write code, but old enough you trust them to publish their own website? Turn to Wix to provide free hosting for your child’s blog in minutes, no coding required. They offer many templates to choose from which are customizable, allowing your child’s personality to display itself online.

Hosting is totally secure, and website creation is as simple as dragging and dropping. With many apps available to integrate and mobile compatibility, your child will have a killer site no matter what device a user views it on.

Cheap Hosting Providers

Hosting Companies
Server Location | Price
Visit Site
Cheapest Webhosting
Burlington, MA, US
Start @ $ 1.99/month
Best Business hosting
Santa Monica, CA, US
Start @ $ 5.95/month
Lifetime Free Domain
Dallas, TX., USA
Start @ $ 4.00/month
Santa Monica, California, US
Price @ $ 3.96 /mo.
Orem, UT, US
Start @ $ 4.95/month
Arlington Heights, IL, US
Start @ $ 1.99/month
Las Vegas, NV, US
Start @ $3.48 /mo.

Have you tried any of these free hosting companies? Tell us about your experience!

Musicians: Take Note Of HostBaby!

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hostbabyIn the vast sea of cheap hosting providers, each service can seem to blend in with the others. They all seem to offer a generic package, similar to others. But you’re an aspiring musician, and you want something tailor-made for your needs, something to set you apart from the rest. Is there anything out there just for you?

Yes! Turn to HostBaby, catering to musicians and authors exclusively. Their tools and services will serve you well whether an expert or beginning site builder.

About HostBaby

The same people who founded CD Baby, the independent music distribution website, created HostBaby in 2000. The goal, in HostBaby’s own words: “to give independent musicians, authors, and artists the tools they need to grow their careers online.” The great thing about HostBaby is how easy it is to get your cheap hosting website up and running!

Their CMS is kind of like WordPress, where users can create pages and posts in an organized fashion. Their site is easily customized with their powerful yet simple design tools, and custom apps add further value. It features a calendar to post your events quickly, an audio player for visitors to hear new tracks, photo gallery to showcase pics from your last show, custom bios for all band members, press pages, contact forms, and even an online store to sell your merch.

Speaking of selling, if you start a HostBaby account, you can use CD Baby and link it up on your website in order to sell your digital music on Amazon, iTunes, or other online music stores. You also are granted access to ListBaby, their email newsletter management system. Basically, if you use HostBaby, you get the whole shebang.

Benefits Of HostBaby

Just as with WordPress, theme choices abound. There are many pleasing themes, and each one brings a look of professionalism to your band’s site. The tools for editing are very simple, allowing easy, basic customization in a flash.

HostBaby’s features are also easy to use. With all of the functionality (the audio, photo gallery, calendar, etc.), you are given a wide range of useful features specific to a musician’s website. The fact that all you have to do is choose the features you want to include and add your content, no coding required, is an added bonus!

Drawbacks Of HostBaby

Its simplicity leads to one of its drawbacks — it isn’t as customizable as it could be. If you want to change a color of a certain component, you have to head to the CSS and alter it yourself.

Another slight problem: you can’t really change up the layout of your site. All customization is done through widgets, meaning any further layout modifications must be done manually in the CSS.

Although most of what you do to your site is easy, the content editor and image uploading tools can be confusing to some users. On top of that, the blogging tool is a bit limited — if you relied on WordPress in the past, you are going to dislike HostBaby’s blogging tool immensely.

Still Worth A Shot

If you haven’t the slightest clue what you are doing when it comes to building a cheap hosting website for your band, HostBaby is a great choice. Pay $20/month or $199/year, and get 10GB storage space, unlimited bandwidth, emails, and mailing list recipients, along with all of the tools described above. Despite its few drawbacks, this is a great way for you to bring your music to the world!

Are you a musician looking to start up a website? Have you considered HostBaby?

HTML: You Can Do It Yourself!

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HTMLYou’re a beginner in the world of building websites. As such, you outsourced your cheap hosting website design to a professional. Your site has launched, and although you are very pleased with the work they’ve done, you have noted a few small things that should be modified or added.

It is such a pain to contact the designer or webmaster each and every time you decide to underline a word or change the font size, especially when it takes them time to get back to you. You’re pretty sure it’s quick and painless to make the change yourself, but haven’t the slightest idea where to start! Here’s a list of a few things you can definitely do on your own, giving you the power to make those small, last-minute changes to your cheap hosting website.

HTML Basics: The HTML Tag

The first thing you need to know: how HTML code itself is deciphered. It’s pretty simple, really. If you view HTML code, you’ll notice the < > characters an awful lot. Anything contained within is the HTML tag, the code that tells the website how to format your content for visitors. All text between those tags is affected.

If you rely on a CMS, you’re probably wondering where in the world you even find the HTML. You’ll see that it has two views: design view; and text/code/HTML view. Each CMS calls it something different. This latter view is the one you are looking for (design or layout view shows you what the page will actually look like to viewers.)

How Do I Make A Change?

Start by locating the text you want to modify, or the spot you want new text to go. When you find it, go ahead and make your changes.

If you are formatting text (underlining, italicizing, bolding, etc.), you need to search for the appropriate tag (a simple Google search can locate this information for you. Here are a couple:

  • BOLD: enclose the word you want bolded in the HTML tag <strong>. Example: you want to make “I am writing HTML!” bold, so you type <strong>I am writing HTML!</strong>
  • ITALIC: enclose the word you want italicized in the tag <em>. Example: <em>I am writing HTML!</em>.

How Do I Add A Picture?

You’ve modified the page for a new product. Your product is now offered in a new color, and you want to include a new image showcasing this color for users to see. To add the picture using HTML, begin by uploading the image to the website. When the file is uploaded, add an image tag like this, incorporating the new image filename:

<img src=””>

If you are linking an image to a webpage, though, things are a bit different. You’ll rely on the HREF tag, which tells your website what link the image leads to:

<a href=””><img src=””></a>

How Do I Add A Link?

Sometimes, you want a word or series of words within your text to link to another page or website. This is kind of like the process described above for linking an image, only instead of linking the image, you’re linking text.

You want the word “couch” to link to the page displaying all couches you sell. So, you do the following:

<a href=””>couch</a>

If you want that page to open up in a new window or tab within the browser, you would add more. In this example, it’s opening in a new window:

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>couch</a>

This takes care of basic changes. To perform other changes, simply Google HTML tags to find more! Was that as hard as you thought?

Photo Courtesy of Marjan Krebelj via Flickr Creative Commons