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Company Introduction of Network Solutions

networksolutionThe Networksolutions web hosting company started out by offering domain name registration services to clients and has since advanced to offering web hosting services and much more. It is now among the fastest growing companies in the web hosting industry and the clients of this hosting company can choose from three basic hosting plans that the company offers which have generous bandwidth e-mail accounts and storage space.

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The company has steadily maintained a good reputation in the hosting industry by slowly but surely upgrading their services since they started operating. The are reputed to offer great customer support with toll free lines and have feature-rich hosting services which are designed to offer clients the best available hosting services.

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The Networksolutions web hosting company offers their clients three basic hosting plans that they can choose from, the Standard,entry-level hosting plan which costs only $9.96 monthly and consists of 7GB worth of storage space, 150GB of bandwidth and comes with 50 e-mail accounts. The other hosting plan is the mid-range Advanced hosting plan that goes for 14.96 dollars and comes with 15GB storage,400GB bandwidth and better yet 100 e-mail accounts. The last plan is the Pro hosting plan which comes with 30GB storage space, 500GB bandwidth and has 200 e-mail addresses that a client can use.

All the plans have some similar features such as, they all include a whole year of free domain name registration, with every one year purchase and site back ups every 24 hours along with FTP access and better yet support of SSL certificates. Some other features include; a Unix packages feature,MySQL databases and furthermore supports CGI, PHP and Perl scripts. The Windows packages features include .Net, ASP, CGI, and Perl scripts. NetworkSolutions web hosting company goes a set further to offer clients a Web site design tool which goes a long way in helping those people who are not skilled in design and or programming. Clients more so get standard templates from the ImageCafe Web Site Creator tool.


The company’s overall performance in the hosting industry can be rated as good just as long as you are not creating an e-commerce site. But for sites that are non-ecommerce, their services are good and are quite reliable with good customer service and good up time statistics which increase their dependability and performance. NetworkSolutions web hosting company offers their clients feature-rich hosting, ensuring that the users get the best web hosting services in the hosting industry. Their customer service is furthermore exemplary as their clients are a satisfied lot who rarely make any complains. More over, the Web Hosting plans that clients get from the company have powerful features and tools which are put in place to help clients build their websites and they include:FTP accounts, popular programming languages and 99.99% guaranteed network up time.


The web hosting services that NetworkSolutions hosting offers are good and are quite dependable and reliable as their up time statistics are good and the customer service that clients get is dependable.The technical and customer support that they get ensures that their needs are adequately catered for by experts in the industry.

Customer Service

The company’s clients are are entitled to toll-free support telephones lines which are available 24/7, basically round the clock. Clients can furthermore access a web support site where clients can ask a question and get a response via e-mail in a span of 24 hours. the company however lacks a live chat where clients can communicate with the company’s support team.

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