Top 5 Dedicated Server Hosting Companies

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Decisions are tough. When it comes to web hosting, do you go with cloud hosting, a dedicated server, or managed hosting solution? You’ve settled on the dedicated server option, now the most important decision of all: who’s best to host your site?

Hosting Companies
Server Location | Price
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Santa Monica, CA, US
Price : $119.95/month
Lansing, MI, US
Price : $189/month
Craiova, RO
Starting Price : $99.95
Secaucus, NJ, US
Price : $59/month
Chicago, IL, US
Price : $217.50/month
Plano, TX, US
Price : $201.95/month
Price : $109/month
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Looking for the best dedicated server hosting services money can buy? Here are dedicated server reviews of the top five dedicated server companies to help you make your decision.


Server Location: Plano, TX, US
Price : $201.95/month

This web hosting company comes in at number three. 100TB will give you a high power dedicated server hosting option that performs exceptionally at an exceptionally affordable price. All of their servers are fully automated, and as such give you a reliable, fast network.

Enjoy the 1Gbit dedicated port, 100TB bandwidth, and 2 X 1TB hard drive. They have a reputation for providing the latest in technology which adds up to amazing performance. Whether Windows- or Linux-based, 100TB has you covered. cPanel is used for Linux, and PLESK for Windows.

Customer service is high quality, and they offer their clients free installation or reinstallation of your OS and control panel, as well as free transfer from one host to another.


Server Location: Santa Monica, CA, US
Price : $199.99/ month

InMotion web hosting company is rated number one when it comes to providing dedicated server hosting services. Founded in 2001, it has fast become the industry leader in reliable and affordable hosting solutions. Their outstanding customer tech support and uptime stats of 99.9% set them apart from the rest, offering their clients feature-rich hosting services they just don’t want to part with.

InMotion relies on only Dell servers. Data is backed up on a daily basis. If problems arise and you decide to back out, InMotion offers a 90 day money back guarantee. It isn’t likely you’ll find this the case, as their customer service is second to none.

Count on unlimited My SQL databases, RAID 1 High-Performance data storage exclusive to elite plans, unlimited FTP accounts, Linux Cent OS for those who prefer it, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited individual c Panel sub-accounts.

Single Hop

Server Location: Chicago, IL, US
Price : $149/month

Relying on Intel processors, Kingston memory, Western Digital, and Seagate hard drives, Chicago, IL-based Single Hop specializes in Linux or Windows dedicated servers. Whether cloud or cluster hosting, it’s easy to see why this is one of the top web hosting companies.

Single Hop gives customers their own server control panel, called LEAP, requiring no tech support at all. It is essentially an Ajax platform that give the customers the power to control new tasks like checking bandwidth or restarting the servers.

They rely on the following processors in their dedicated servers:

The Core i3 540 processor
(2 cores x 3.06GHz, 10TB bandwidth, 500Gb disk space, up to 4GB of DDR3 RAM);
Xeon E3-1230 processor
(4 cores x 3.2GHz, 10TB bandwidth, 500GB disk space, 8GP DDR3 RAM);
Xeon 5410 processor
(4 cores x 2.33GHz, 1TB disk space, 10TB bandwidth, and 8GB DDR2);
Xeon 5506 processor
(4 cores x 2.13GHz, 10TB bandwidth, 500GB disk space, and 8GB DDR3.)


Server Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, US
Price : $299.99/month

Fourth on our list is HostV, a division of Cirtex Corp that was launched in 2007.

Some of the stand-out features of their dedicated server hosting: allows for SSH root access; uses c Panel; Red 5; Fantastico ready-to-go upon installation; supports FFMpeg, PHP5, and My SQL5.

Customer service is quick to respond to any requests around the clock, providing technical support where necessary. Enjoy free firewall protection and back ups as well.

Up To You

Here are the top five dedicated server hosting companies. Hopefully, making the tough decision of which company to choose a little bit easier. Ultimately, it all comes down to your business needs; the amount of space allotted; and how much control over your site you have (a control panel that you, well, control is the best situation)

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  1. Expert Adivn says

    I would recommend dedicated server hosting services to any one who has dedicated server hosting needs. This kind of hosting will meet all your hosting that needs a powerful server along with quality and excellent performance. From my experience, there is nothing better than using dedicated hosting services to meet your hosting needs that require powerful servers. I can’t imagine what my hosting would be like without dedicated hosting services. Dedicated hosting services are God sent!! Try them toady and for sure you will not be disappointed.

  2. Veronica Charls says

    I have used the services of a dedicated server hosting company for more than a year now and these services are simply amazing and they will never let you down. If you are looking for power, excellent performance and great quality hosting services, then you need to start using dedicated server hosting services. Since I started using these services, my dedicated server never fails to meet my needs. Dedicated server hosting is just brilliant! I can’t imagine my life without dedicated server hosting services.

  3. Ronald says

    However, there is a flip side to using dedicated server hosting services, though most companies advertise reliability, quality stability and power, they do not all offer what they promise. I was a victim of a pathetic dedicated server hosting company that has let me down continuously for the past 9 months or so. The dedicated server hosting services I received I can not recommend t o any one, they will just let you down. It is better to shop until you find a suitable host for your dedicated server hosting needs.

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