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What is Managed Web Hosting ?

Best Managed Hosting Service Providers

Best and most Trusted Managed Hosting & Web Hosting Providers 2012-2013

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Burlington, MA, US
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managed web hostingBefore jump to the managed hosting service providers, I think you all are thinking about the term “Managed Web Hosting”.

Managed web hosting is basically designed for those business owners who are running their business at a very large scale, who are having multiple websites, who need to transfer data in large quantity i.e. bandwidth and who need large amount of disk space or other resources. To run their multiple web sites, these owners need dedicated server where only their websites reside i.e. the server is allocated to them only and there is no option of shared web hosting. Here they may hire the complete server and all its resources on rent basis, so that they don’t face any problem such as lack of resources or lot of traffic. Thus managed web hosting is a kind of dedicated web hosting.

How Managed Hosting is useful to you?

As discussed above also, large business owners need whole server with all its resources to run their websites, for them it is very useful as the whole server is theirs and they may not face any problem due to lack of resources. Another thing for which they might be responsible, for monitoring and overall controlling the operations of the web site, as they are using the services of dedicated server, which is not shared by others.

How can you find the best Managed Hosting provider?

As there are a number of managed web hosting service providers are available, but the question arises “Which one is very cost effective or available at an affordable rate or one which is suitable to you as per your need?” Now to answer this, we will have a brief look on the best managed hosting providers.

1. Inmotion Hosting : It cost $5.99 /month and it uses renowned c Panel control panel. It offers e commerce features, a free domain name, up time of 99.9% guarantee, data backup, high speed, 24 hrs customer support, unlimited disk space and bandwidth etc.

2. Arvixe : It offers two hosting plans and on both it offers unlimited band width, disk space and domains. It supports various programming languages such as PHP MyAdmin, MySQL, Perl, Python, and SSL. With this it also provide My SQL databases, FTP accounts, unlimited add on domains, good customer support and undisrupted up time of up to 99.9% and many more. It cost $4.00 /month

3. I Page : It is one of the leading web hosting company founded in 1998. It is very reliable and has a good performance from last few years. It cost $1.99 /month. It offers various features such as 99.9%up-time guarantee, dedicated IP, SSL, SMTP, IMAP, good customer support etc.

4. Go Daddy : It is the most preferred web hosting company offers three hosting plans with their respective packages. It offers both Windows and Linux based hosting services. Its overall reputation and customer service is good and its price is $2.99 /month.

5. Site5 : It cost $4.95 /month and it offers Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud and VPS hosting Services at various prices which are quite reliable and cheap. Few features include unlimited disk space, bandwidth, 45 days money back guarantee,

6. Just Host : It offers basic hosting plan and suitable for small business and individuals. It cost $3.25 /month. Its various features include unlimited domain hosting, Unlimited MySQL Databases, Free Domain, Unlimited E-Mail Accounts, CGI Support, a money-back guarantee, Custom Error Pages, supports various programming languages, great customer service and many more.

7. Host Monster : Since 1996, it has been providing good quality web hosting solutions with several features such as e-commerce, multimedia features, supports various programming languages, great customer service , SMTP, IMAP, SSL Certificate, daily backup,99.5% uptime guarantee and many more. It cost $4.95 /month.

8. Blue Host : It is one of the best web based quality solution provider founded in 1996 and it cost $4.95 /month. It is reliable, has good reputation, enhance customer service and its web hosting plan offer various features such as SMTP, IMAP, SSL Certificate, live chat, dedicated server, 30days money back guarantee etc.

9. HostGator : It is also consider as the leading web hosting company founded in 2002.It cost $3.96 /month. It offers web hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, windows hosting, application hosting, dedicated server, and domain name with 24 hrs customer support.

10. Host Metro : It offer superior web hosting containing several features such as 99.9% Up-time Guarantee, No Hidden Fees, 24*7 customer support, free domain, free SSL, unlimited e-mail account etc. It cost $2.45 /month.


At the end I would like to suggest you, to use dedicated managed web hosting and then compare the packages or features offer by different providers with your need, so you can take the right decision, in consideration of the needs of your website.

Managed web hosting is one of two types of dedicated web hosting. Dedicated web hosting is the kind of web hosting that is most suitable for large business owners who have to run multiple websites. This kind of owners will need a massive amount of disk space and bandwidth. This is why shared web hosting is not an option and this is why these businesses use the services of dedicated web hosting provider that enables them to rent out an entire server and all of its resources so it can sustain the traffic and bandwidth needed.

There are many Managed Hosting Providers and their Managed Hosting Solutions depends and vary according to the Price and many other factors like the type of Dedicated Hosting i.e. either Windows Dedicated Hosting, Dedicated Linux Hosting, or any other.


What can you do with Managed Hosting?

Large businesses can utilize dedicated managed web hosting in order to get the amount of bandwidth and disk space they need without having to worry about monitoring or managing the website. This is due to the fact that in dedicated managed web hosting, the provider is the one responsible for monitoring and overseeing the operations of the website.

Finding the best Managed Hosting Provider

Using dedicated managed web hosting services is the smart choice. After making that choice, you will have to start comparing the different packages on offer by different providers. Compare the bandwidth, the disk space, the control panel and the connection speed among other features. Compare these packages with your needs so you can make the best choice that suits the needs of your website.


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